Wines of excellence,
on a global market

As keen connoisseurs who are always on the lookout for new vintages and vineyards, our leading ambition is to match the right wine to the right person.

To do so, we rely on our thirty years of experience in exporting champagne and French wines, ten of which have been spent operating our own company, and on our detailed knowledge of different international markets.

Our passion for wine and spirits has always driven our professional projects. This distinctive sensibility to the world of wine has also led us to acquire our own vineyard in the Jura, the Domaine des Carlines.

Our mission

Our regions

While we focus on four wine regions – Alsace, Champagne, Jura, and Loire – to best unearth talented winemakers, we also travel the world to keep up with the concerns of our buyers. Traveling to these different countries allows us to establish long-lasting relationships with our partners, relationships built on trust

Our vocation is one of passion

one where our focus is on quality and meaningful relationships. We work in the same way that artisans do, with finesse, studiousness, and commitment, to make sure that each encounter is enriching.

We pour our soul into the world of wine, which is reflected in our name, VINAME, since vin is French for ‘wine’ and âme means ‘soul.’